Sam Halsey

Nutritional Education Trainer Holistic Health Counselor





Transform your Health and Body.  Join, be part of the 30 Day Challenge 
Bootcamp” in San Francisco!  (Healthy 30 Days, that tastes great too!) 
One Month (30 Day) Challenge
Weekly Meetings 
Presentations and Demonstrations
Email Communication 
Team/Community Support
Fun, Enriching, Supportive Experience and Curriculum
Meet once per week (4 evenings)
Dates:August 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th
Location:   St. Cyprian’s Church, 2097 Turk at Lyon, San Francisco
Your Goals may include:
  • Reducing stress and cravings and having more energy
  • Preparing quick healthy family meals while also taking care of yourself
  • Looking and feeling younger
  • Losing weight and keeping it off
The most cost effective way to reach your health goals!
Learn healthy cooking, enrich, nourish, enjoy!  
Smart Nutrition Superior Health!
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“My mission is to educate and motivate you to achieve superior health, whether you want to lose weight, feel great, or reverse a chronic disease.”
What to expect:
  • Step-by-step recommendations to help you work toward your goals in a way that is enjoyable and easily integrated into your life.
  • How to live for life, reverse disease, lose weight, and improve your health, all with out relying on drugs and fad diets.
  • Revolutionary keys (the formula) to successful for fast and sustained weight loss and management so you are in control of your health.
  • Boost your body’s defenses, create super immunity to live longer, stronger and disease free.
  • Interact with Samuel and fellow participants for a truly enriching, health promoting and delicious learning experience.
  • Join us and take the amazing nutrient rich 30 day challenge program, get educated and motivated.
  • Each Session will be two hours and participants enjoy and share delicious food.
“I’m Committed to helping you reach your goals, committed to your success!  Committed to teaching you a set of skills you will be able to use for the rest of your life.”
Samuel Halsey specializes in Nutritional & Lifestyle Counseling and Coaching as well as in Healthy Cooking Instruction.  Samuel is an Alumni of The Nutritional Education Institute, Advanced Nutritarian Studies, one of the most rigorous science-based programs in modern nutrition.
Samuel Halsey     
Specializing in Nutritional & Lifestyle Counseling and Coaching 
Nutritarian Health Counselor     Nutritarian Personal Chef     (415) 309-1879